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Lord Ganesha born

Ganesh Chaturthi 2020: It is celebrated every year across the country with full enthusiasm. The festival marks the birth of Lord Ganesha. Let us have a look in detail about the festival Ganesh Chaturthi and its celebration.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2020: It is a ten-day festival that marks the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha. He is considered as the God of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune. In fact, he is the God of new beginnings and a fresh start. 

It is believed that Lord Ganesha was born during Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. Therefore, it begins on the fourth day (Chaturthi) of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September) that is the sixth month of the Hindu calendar. This year it will begin on 22 August, 2020. 

Amongst the other 108 names, Lord Ganesha is also called as Ganesh, Gajadant, Gajanana, etc.  

About Ganesh Chaturthi 
The festival begins on the fourth day (Chaturthi) of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September) that is the sixth month of the Hindu calendar. This year it will begin on 22 August, 2020. 

And the festival or Ganeshotsav ends after 10 days on Anant Chaturdashi which is also known as Ganesh Visarjan day. Devotees immerse the idol of Lord Ganesha in the water body after a gala street procession on Anant Chaturdashi. 

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About Ganapati Sthapana and Ganapati Puja Muhurat
The puja of Lord Ganesha is preferred during Madhyahna. It is believed that Lord Ganesh was born during Madhyahna Kala which is equivalent to midday according to the Hindu division of the day. However, on Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganapati Sthapna and Ganapati Puja are done during Madhyahna part of the day. 

On this day during midday devotees of Ganesha perform detailed ritualistic Ganesha Puja which is known as Shodashopachara Ganapati Puja.

Ganesh Chaturthi: History
The legend goes like Goddess Parvati with the use of clay made baby Ganesha and had breathed life into the idol. She asked him to guard the entrance while she was in the bath. He was instructed not to allow anyone to enter, no matter who they were. However, when Lord Shiva wanted to enter the premises, baby Ganesha stopped him for the same. Lord Shiva tried but all his attempts to meet his wife Durga failed. Then, Lord Shiva sent his army that Ganesha vanquished in no time. This enraged Lord Shiva and fought with the little baby Ganesha himself. He severed the head of the baby Ganesha from his body. When Goddess Parvati came to realise this fact, her heart was broken. She threatened to unleash hell on earth and end-all of humanity. Lord Shiva tried to give a reason but nothing works and so he promised her to bring baby Ganesha back to life. 

Lord Shiva instructed his followers to search the head of the first living creature that they notice on their way so that they could replace it on Ganesha's body. Further, Lord Shiva's followers or Ganas came back with the head of a baby elephant. And like this Lord Ganesha came back to life. Lord Ganesha was named as the leader of the Ganas as Ganapati by Lord Shiva.

Ganesh Chaturthi: Celebrations
The festival is celebrated for 10 days. Various people bring the idol of Lord Ganesha either at home, office spaces, or local area pandals. People used to decorate the space for Lord Ganesha and place offerings in front of the Lord Ganesha. Such offerings include modak, payasam, coconut rice, motichoor laddoo, shrikhand, and several other sweets. 

During these ten days, devotees visit pandals, temples, worship Lord Ganesha, pray respect, and offer prayers. 

On Ganapati Visarjan, the idols of Lord Ganesha are immersed in water. Devotees chant 'Ganpati Bappa Morya' pay respect to Lord Ganesha as they give farewell to him. 

It is also believed that Lord Ganesha takes away all our worries and leave his blessings behind. But this year due to the pandemic the celebration will be different. 

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