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Om Rudra Rudraksha

Om Rudra Rudraksha

                                 Om Rudra Rudraksha real Benefits for all 

Om Rudra Rudraksha real Benefits for all
Om Rudra How to get real Benefits of Rudraksha 

    The importance of Rudraksha is incomplete without Shiv Purana. 
There is complete information about the significance of Rudraksha in Shivpurana. The information which is written in Shivmahapuran, I am writing here for all of you with the blessings of Lord Shiva.
         Rudraksha is such a fruit, which is always on earth for human welfare. The person wearing Rudraksh always gets the blessings of Lord Shiva. The knowledge of Rudraksha is priceless, Rudraksha always has its own importance in human life.
         Rudraksha is very dear to Lord Shiva. Rudraksha has been called His Holiness. With the philosophy of Rudraksha and chanting on the rosary of Rudraksha, all sins are removed, evil spirits can no longer harm in presence of Rudraksha. God is pleased with Rudrakshadhari. Rudraksha provides salvation.
         In the past, God Shiva has described the glory of Rudraksh in a story to Goddess Parvati in order to benefit all people. Lord Shiva has said to Goddess Parvati, it is a thing of the past, I have been doing a terrible penance for thousands of years, one day when I opened my eyes, at that time some drops of water fell on the earth and from those drops The tree named Rudraksha was born on the earth.

         I distributed those Rudraksh to Vishnu devotees. On the ground, Mathura, Ayodhya, Lanka, Kashi, and many other places of Rudraksha were grown. Shiva devotees must wear Rudraksha. Amla shaped Rudraksha falls in the best category. Rudraksha comes in the middle category, like the fruit of hatred. Small Rudraksh granule which is equal to gram grains. He also gives good fruits and good fortune in all the three worlds.

The one who is equal to the fruit of Rudraksh Amla is the one who destroys all the sufferings and the one who is very small like the Gunja fruit, is also the one who fulfills all the desires and gives the perfection. Chhota Rudraksha is also more fruitful. Therefore, Rudraksh must be worn, Rudraksha is auspicious, smooth to look at, strong with strong thorns, beautiful Rudraksha, enjoyment, and salvation. Rudraksha which is bad, such as - Worms, broken, is not round, it should not be worn. The Rudraksha in which Dora has a threadable hole on its own is the best.

Rudakadhari wearers should abandon garlic, onion in his diet.

Rudraksha type and Dharana mantra: -

1. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha                 One Face Rudraksha 

Mantra: = OM Hrim Namah

God is the form of Lord Shiva, it is offered to bhoga and moksha, where One Faced Rudraksha is worshiped. The place of Lakshmi is definitely there. There, all the disturbances are destroyed, and all the wishes are fulfilled.

2. Doomukhi Rudraksha            Two Face Rudraksha 

Mantra: = Om Namah              Two Face Rudraksha 
Two-Faced Rudraksha is considered as Deveshwar.
It fulfills all desires and gives full results.

3. Teenmukhi Rudraksha               Three Face Rudraksha 
Three Faced Rudraksha
Mantra: = ॐ Klin Namah
The interview is going to give fruit, it is believed that this effect helps in learning.

4. Charmukhi Rudraksha              Four Face Rudraksha 
Mantra: = ॐ Hrim Namah
Four Faced  Rudraksha is considered as the form of Sakshat Brahma.
This Rudraksha helps in attaining Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

5. Panchmukhi Rudraksha      Five Face Rudraksha 
Mantra: = OM Hrim Namah
A five-faced Rudraksha is a form of self-realization, giving liberation to all, fulfilling desires.

The Panchmukhi Rudraksha is believed to remove all sins.

6. Seh Mukhi Rudraksha                      Six Face Rudraksha 

Six Faced Rudraksha
Mantra: = OM

A person holding a six-faced Rudraksha is freed from the sin of killing Brahman,

It is considered to be the form of Rudraksha Kartikya.

7. Satmukhi Rudraksha                    Seven Face Rudraksha 

Seven Faced Rudraksha

Mantra: = Om Namah

The person wearing Satmukhi Rudraksha becomes opulent, Lakshmi is with this person. It helps in bringing fame.

8. Aath Mukhi Rudraksh:

Mantra: = Om Namah

The eight-faced Rudraksha is similar to the Bhairava form, aiding full life.

9. Nine Face Rudraksha

Nine Faced Rudraksha

Mantra: = M

Bhairava holding the nine-faced Rudraksha and is considered to be the symbol of Kapil Muni.

The person holding this gets the blessings of Maa Maheshwari.

10. Dasmukhi Rudraksha Ten Face 

Mantra: = OM

Ten Faced Rudraksha gets blessings of Lord Vishnu and wishes are fulfilled.

11. Syarah Mukhi Rudraksha   Eleven Face 

Mantra: = OM

Eleven-faced Rudraksha, victory is found everywhere.

It has been considered as Rudra form.

12. Barah Mukhi Rudraksha

Twelve Faced Rudraksha

Mantra: = OM Kraon Kshraun Rān Namah

The one holding it is as stunning as the Sun.

13. Thiru Mukhi Rudraksha     Thirteen Face Rudraksha

Mantra: = OM

Thirteen faced Rudraksha is considered to be the form of Lord Shiva in the country and abroad.

Wearing thiru mukhi rudraksh gives good luck.

14. Fourteen Faced Rudraksha

Mantra: = OM Namah

Fourteen-faced Rudraksha is the ultimate form, it is believed that if it is devoutly worn on the forehead then sins are destroyed.

Om Namah Shivaya: Om Namah Shivaya: Om Namah Shivaya:

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